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"Alternative Weddings" on Brooklyn's Grand Canal

Forget that unique eau de Gowanus at low tide. Sometime in '07 you might be able to get married right on Brooklyn's Grand Canal, on the roof of the boat formerly known as the Empty Vessel. Maybe you remember the World War II rescue boat that was a performance and party space before it was evicted by the city and even had the Coast Guard called on it? Well, it has a new home between the Union Street Bridge and the Carroll Street Bridge and new owners who acquired her for $1. They're planning to live on the boat, have a "hobo hostel for traveller kids," and host "alternative weddings on the roof." They're also going to set up a nonprofit to renovate the boat and want to find a public docking area and use it as an arts and performance space. Keep that Gowanus tidal chart handy as part of the wedding planning process and aim for high tide.
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