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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Tennis Anyone?

Answers to Tuesday's questions, by readers for readers, below. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital pic, drop a note in the comments?or email us at

1) Red Hook: No new development intel on 160 Imlay. A tipster emails, "Two Trees has been in negotiation to buy the partially finished structure from the defunct builder since the summer............." Sometimes wood framed plastic sheeting is just wood framed plastic sheeting.
2) West Village: Regarding the activity at the parking lot and "ugly blue building" at Leroy and Hudson, a commenter notes, "I dunno about across from 110 LeRoy but can the building owners of 110 LeRoy PAY THEIR BILL and have the scaffolding taken down in front of the building..which has not been needed for at least 6 months?" Noted.

3) Upper West Side: Finally, more mysteries on the edge of the Upper West Side. A tipster emails, "The tennis courts are owned by the same developer who is currently developing the west side of Columbus between 97th and 100th. As well, they own the block-long area, now being demolished, between 99th and 100th on Amsterdam. So they seem to be moving forward on three separate developments at the same time. The wrinkle on the tennis court side is that the condominiums (382 CPW on the South side, 392 CPW on the north) own walkways from their buildings onto Columbus so the developer will have to do some negotiating with those buildings. Apparently, the developer is trying to stay below the radar screen and has provided very little information about intentions.
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