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Atlantic Yards React-o-Matic

Here's a look at some of the reactions and coverage to yesterday's big news that the little Brooklyn project known as Atlantic Yards was approved by the Public Authorities Control Board:

1) "Atlantic Yards still faces two lawsuits, with more probably on the way, but Forest City officials say they are confident that they will prevail in court." [NYT]

2) "I look forward to seeing [developer] Bruce Ratner and [architect] Frank Gehry's grand vision turned into reality and to eating a hot dog as I watch the Brooklyn Nets play in Brooklyn's new arena in the 2009-2010 season," Gov. Pataki said. [NYDN]

3) The federal eminent domain lawsuit brought by citizens protecting their constitutional rights is rock-solid, and without those plaintiffs; properties, Atlantic Yards as we know it;an arena studded with 16 outmoded superblock towers cannot be built--Daniel Goldstein [DDDB]

4) "We are very thankful...especially grateful...and, even more imporantly, we're excited..."--Bruce Ratner []

5) "The Public Authorities Control Board voted on a project today that is deeply flawed and whose financial facts are still unclear...We believe the incoming Spitzer administration must seize the opportunity in the new year to fix the project." [Brooklyn Speaks]

6) Incoming Gov. Spitzer "apparently passed on the chance to stall or change Atlantic Yards." [AYR]