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The Battle for 123 Baxter

Little Chitaly's own 123 Baxter is caught in the crossfire of a cyber-war. No, really:

Supposedly Lisa Maysonet and her development team aren’t too happy with the website up at free website which the developers feel is competing with traffic to their sales site ( From what I can tell it looks like is meant for anyone, an eventual forum if you will, including the future residents of the building and of course anyone interested in the building or the surroundings.Hmm, very interesting indeed. A quick perusal of both sites reveals pros and cons for each, but which has the advantage? 123baxterstreet has soothing orchestral music; 123baxter has soothing silence (edge: 123baxter). 123baxterstreet has an ugly logo; 123baxter has, uh, no real logo at all (edge: 123baxterstreet; at least they tried). 123baxterstreet has renderings that remind us why we fell in love in the first place, 123baxter has a photo of Miss USA (edge: push). This could go on for days.
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