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Gowanus Toxics Want Slope Real Estate & Vegan Cookies

Just when you thought it might be safe to get that lemongrass tofu stir fry at the Gowanus Whole Foods when it opens in 2008, it's turning out that there's a little issue of an underground 'toxic plume.' And, the plume--which contains yummy benzene has leached into the Whole Foods site from a site across the street that belongs to Verizon. It gets better. The "underground cloud of toxins," in the words of the Brooklyn Papers, apparently digs Park Slope brownstones in addition to vegan baked goods. Engineers say it's spreading, not unlike a miniature Greenpoint oil spill. Whole Foods says it won't screw with their 2008 opening date. There's more bad news in the nabe too: benzene has also been found in groundwater moving from a toxic parcel future development site near the Smith-9th Street Station toward Carroll Gardens.
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[Map courtesy of the Brooklyn Papers]