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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) BREAKING: Atlantic Yards Approved. Really. (48 comments)
"no matter how you feel about the project, it's going to be somewhat amazing to see something of this size actually built in new york. it's so hard to follow through on projects here. this thing is epic."
2) On the Market: Sub-$300k East 50s Studio (35 comments)
"Sanity check -- three hundred thousand dollars to live in a 375 square foot ROOM? Man, you can do better renting in that neighborhood -- there's no point in investing that much to live in what is essentially a cage, I don't care where it is."
3) Cool New Thing: NYC Finally Gets Its Bubble Blog (34 comments)
"I've always found it interesting that the first wave of gentrifiers always think of themselves as the cool kids who don't affect the character of the neighborhood, but when others just like them show up only *they* are the problem."
4) Floorplan Porn: Apple Bank Condos (29 comments)
"If they give me a grocery cart to wheel dinner down to my guests in the Dining Room i'll take it. otherwise, I pass."