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Development Update-o-rama: Veneto Goes Halfsies

Do you look at a condo as being half-finished, or half-unfinished? Over here at Curbed, we're all about progress, so now that Related's 32-story tower at 250 East 53rd Street?a former Development Du Jour?is showing serious signs of life, we'll share with you this tipster's update:

Here's a picture of the Related "Veneto" developement. They have been putting up floors at a rapid pace - they are now over halfway up. Supposedly they are over 80% sold - suppose those "interiors by Adam Tihany" sell better than I thought they would. They are also sucessfully avoiding the fact that they are sandwiched on one side by the rather awful crowd hanging out in front of the OTB on 2nd ave and the asian whorehouses on 53rd between 2nd and 3rd...Gambling and whores? Sounds like what would have been a perfect location for the William Beaver House. Ah well, fake Italian it is.
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