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Curbed Stocking Stuffer: Flipbooks!

The amazing thing about the book titles above is not that they exist. It's that they haven't even been published yet. For the lineup, we're indebted to groovy economics blog The Big Picture, which crunches the data—"more Flipper books have been published over the one year period ending March 2007 than we could find over the previous 20 years combined"—and concludes, sagely, "Is it just me, or do all these have a Dow 36,000 feel to them?" Something for those still hanging out in the December State o' the Market Roundtable discussion from Friday to ponder.

Oh, wait—one of the above titles has, in fact, already been published. Looks like we've got our first Curbed Stocking Stuffer. Pick up an extra for the kid.
· Are We Really at a Bottom in Real Estate? (Part 2) [The Big Picture]
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