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More Coney Island Goodness

We don't know for sure what this is or, even, how long it's been around, but it's a Coney Island rendering and it's weird interesting enough to share. The Coney blog Kinetic Carnival found it and some others on the ArquitectonicaGEO site. (Arquitectonica is doing some work for the Coney Island Development Corp.) They're, uh, quite unlike the Coney Island v 2.1 renderings released by Thor Equities. Here's what Kinetic Carnival has to say:

The recent Thor releases seemed cluttered and whimsical but these look vague and tamely dismal. The mini-parachutes that appeared to be a running theme seem to have morphed into jellyfish on sticks or mushroom lamps.Looks like some design elements we saw at West Elm over the weekend. In any case, get them while they're hot. Last time odd Coney drawings showed up, they were immediately pulled. (Note the highrise action in the drawings.) More after the jump.
· Vague Arquitectonica Designs for New Coney Island [Kinetic Carnival]
· Here's Coney Island v 2.1 [Curbed] BONUS: There are many conspiracy theories floating around about what Thor Equities is planning with its big Coney Island redevelopment, but SpongeBob has not been among them. Until today. Turns out that Nickelodeon, spurned in its proposal for a Governor's Island theme park, is interested in building a "theme hotel", according to the Post, on the site of Astroland.

BONUS #2: Noses appear to be getting slightly bent out of shape because Thor Equities is being "pushy." Specifically, an unidentified "city official" tells Courier Life that the developer "should just stop pushing us." Sounds like much fun awaits.