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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Primary Colors in Noho

Friday, we asked you to come up with a listing price for this 4BR on Bleecker. Today, we reveal the answer.

Asking: $1.5 million
Listing: Listing: 88 Bleecker St. Apt. 2CD [Bellmarc]
This apartment elicited a rare mix of scorn and overvaluation from our listings gaggle. On the scorn front, see "Nightmare-inducing," "Kitchen is unsubstantial for that size apartment," and "I'll note the hallways are fairly uninspired, and SW views overlook a back alley and a between buildings alley." As for the bidding, the first 14 guesses were high until the fun was ruined ("I am a real estate agent. It's 1.5 million." Genius). Given this turn of events, our competition committee awards this week's PriceSpotter Star to MB, who came in at $1.65 million.
· Curbed PriceSpotter: Primary Colors in Noho [Curbed]