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High Line Update: Rails Safe, Pigeons Targeted

As the very words "block association meeting" fill us with joy, so it's no surprise that BlogChelsea's hyperdetailed report from yesterday's meeting of the 300 West 21-22-23 Block Association has us hyperventilating. Amidst what we can only take to be grinding boredom, there are plenty of little tidbits—another set of revised designs for the Chelsea Seminary project probably won't be ready til late winter; Christmas caroling is slated for December 18—plus this useful High Line update:

The rails have been numbered and tagged and stored and some will be returned to the site. Now they are in the site preparation stage. Areas are being carefully sandblasted to remove all of the lead paint. The site will be repainted and then concrete will be poured. One of the big problem is drainage. Pigeons will be prevented from nesting under the tracks and defecating onto the sidewalk or whoever is walking underneath. The area of the High Line between 30th & 34th street has not been secured. It could be at risk as part of the West Side Railway development. About that last part, Friends of the High Line recently sent us an alert on the topic; there's a meeting to discuss it Thursday night. Though we wish them well with the quest to preserve that 31%, we're kind of thinking that people might have other ideas for the rail yards, ya know?
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