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Trump Soho Taking Reservations, Your Deposits

Say what you will about The Donald, but the guy moves hella fast. Not content to just sit back and celebrate the ongoing progress of his hole in the ground, Herr Trump is already beginning the blitz to fill the 45-story Trump Soho condo-hotel with tenants. Both a brochure and a "letter of interest" have been sent out to prospective buyers. You just fill out your price range, send the letter back, and boom, you have a reservation on the priority list. Then you give up 10% in a month when you sign the contract, and another 10% deposit in 4-5 months. Yep, that's 20% down for a project to be completed in 2009. Nobody does it like The Donald.

The real fun is in the brochure, of course, which features a rundown of stats and amenities (outdoor heated pool, lobby artwork commissioned by Soho artists, etc.) and an interview with Trump himself. Highlights: His kids turned him onto this crazy nabe called Soho, and there's a play-by-play of what a "perfect day at Trump Soho" is like. Oh, and there's also a couple of hotel-y floorplans, which we've got after the jump. Or just take a look at the PDF yourself.

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