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CurbedWire: Trump Soho's Delicate Question

1) Hudson Square: More breaking news from The Donald's deposit-ready condo/hotel. Seems the Trojan Horse attack is real; preservationist ringleader Andrew Berman emails, "Following inquiries from the media, early this afternoon Trump removed the section of his website (above) where prospective condo-unit buyers were asked 'What will the property be used for?' and then given the options of 'primary residence', 'secondary residence', and 'investment property'. Nevertheless, this was a clear reflection of this developer's true intentions, and of what a condo-hotel inherently is." It. Is. So. On. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Williamsburg: The neighborhood building spree continues, with a tipster reporting, "We've been parking our car in the open lot on South 8th Street between Wythe and Kent for several months. We have just been told that we will need to relocate our car the end of the month because the lot has been sold. The lot manager indicated that construction was slated soon after the lot is officially closed and transferred to the new owners." Who knows more? [CurbedWire Inbox]