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BREAKING: Revere Sugar Demolition Permits Issued!

In Brooklyn these days, they issue the demolition permit and hope the building is down before anyone notices. We say this to say: death is on the way for the Revere Sugar Refinery and its iconic dome on the Red Hook waterfront. A special Curbed correspondent just emailed to say that demolition permits were issued yesterday by the Department of Buildings. The proposed "job start" is, in fact, today. Curbed operatives are en route to the scene as we type these words to check on the state of affairs; stay tuned for updates.

Background: the property is owned by Thor Equities, which has that big Coney Island redevelopment proposal on the table. (There is no proposal or approved plan for the Revere site.) The Revere factory was found eligible for listing on the State and National Register of Historic Places in the Environmental Impact Study for the Red Hook Ikea. A little history from there:

The former Revere Sugar Refinery is located on the bulkhead surrounding Richards Street and on two piers extending from that bulkhead into the Erie Basin. The plant was used for sugar processing from c. 1910 until the mid 1990s, first by American Molasses Co. and then by Revere Sugar. The plant is currently vacant. Some of the Plant’s structures were designed by Clarence H. Higgins, who also designed buildings at Bush Terminal, the Robert Gair Company in Brooklyn, ad the Wheeling Corrugating Company in Queens…. The sourthernmost warehouse on the bulkhead, a five-story stone and brick structure built c. 1890 as part of the larger Erie Basin complex, is reported to be one o the last vernacular industrial warehouse buildings to be constructed in this area of Brooklyn. The structure was built by Beard or his heirs and was used as part of the sugar processing facility by about 1915.Breeze Demolition trucks (the same people that dispatched the Old Dutch Mustard building) have been spotted on the property over the last month. DEVELOPING HARD...
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