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Park Slope Tower Unveiled, Becomes Novo Park Slope

[Photo courtesy of Denton Taylor]

The ugly ass imposing Park Slope Tower on Fourth Avenue has finally lost its scaffolding and black veil and, now that we can see it, it's everything we feared hoped that it would be. Even better, though, it looks like developer Leviev Boymelgreen has rethought calling it a "tower," so it's now the Novo Park Slope, which makes us think of Novo Nordisk and towns in Slovenia. The taker of the photo above writes:

The scaffold is coming down on the 4th Avenue side of this monstrosity today... And, he changed the rendering to match the newer uglier design.The Novo Park Slope's 151 apartments go on sale in January, which should make it an interesting coal mine canary for Fourth Avenue condos. For more fun, check out the interesting initial rendering of the Park Slope Tower and how it emerged as the kind of hospital-looking Novo Park Slope after the jump. · Are Developers Leviev and Boymelgreen Getting Divorced? [Curbed]