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On the Proper Pricing of Manhattan Apartments

It's an age-old real estate saw: well priced apartments will sell in any market. Well priced, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, but two broker blogs are offering examples of recent sales that seem to have been helped along by reasonable asking prices. Take the loft above, for instance: 2,300 square feet in the Gunther Building at 55 Greene Street in Soho. Notes the Manhattan Loft Guy, "This one took a little while to find the right price, even since October, as it started at $2.8mm before bumping up to $2.875mm before settling into the selling zone at $2.699mm"—and a signed contract. (Fun fact: the commercial tenant pays this building's maintenance, so maintenance costs here are nil.)

Separately, UrbanDigs spotlights a $1.675 million 2BR at 70 East 96th Street that also seems to have priced right, having sold within its first month on the market—"just a great example of how this real estate market COULD treat a seller if they price right." For those familiar with these buildings: savvy, or spin?
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