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Amy Sacco Declares West Chelsea Officially Over

Perhaps it has something to do with the giant flashing sign at the intersection of Tenth Avenue and 27th Street: USING FAKE I.D. IS A CRIME. Or, more likely, it's just that übertastemaker/club queen Amy Sacco sees the writing on the wall a few minutes before the rest of us.

Either way, we awake this morning to the jaw-dropping news that she's putting Bungalow 8—the club that made West Chelsea and, on a more micro-level, West 27th Street—up for sale. Blame is apportioned thusly: "The community boards issued too many licenses," she tells Spencer Morgan at the Observer. "They oversold, and now they're coming down on us for it being overcrowded. It's like, why bother? I've tried to follow all of the rules. But then they just change the rules. I'm not a mind reader."

What does this means for West Chelsea? Apocalypse. As Eater puts it, "The woman who built West 27th Street Clubland now turns to the daunting task of tearing it all down."
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