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Andre Balazs Skins His Beaver

Looks like those animated beaver ads at the 19th Street movie theater aren't working out after all. Hotelier-cum-developer André Balazs serves up the soul of his experiment in surrealist branding, William Beaver House, to The Transom thusly:

· "It's all tongue-in-cheek."
· "The whole thing is a send-up—I mean, none of this is serious."
· "This is for people who sort of get it."

Prospective buyers, be sure to indicate which phrase best applies to you on your purchase application. Then let's turn it over to Styles scribe Bob Morris to twist the final knife: "If Houston Street is the new 57th Street, then that means that Beaver Street is somehow at least helping us to keep our fucking asses out of Brooklyn. I think that if you’re really drunk, this neighborhood looks a little like London because it’s so old."
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