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Buster's Garage: The Last Stand

You know, we were all set to do a serious update on the final showdown in the Buster's Garage Tribeca saga?with both sides heading to the State Liquor Authority in Harlem to debate the sports bar's proposed move to Leonard Street?but then we noticed that not even the hearing officer could even be bothered to take his attention away from some family photos on his desktop, so instead we'll just share with you our two favorite parts, via the Tribeca Trib:

"There are no pictures of kids or pictures of people eating here," said Tom Biggs, of 18 Leonard Street, holding up a photo that appeared on Buster’s web site. The photo showed a woman lying on a bar while a man sprayed whipped cream on her stomach.And...Sarah Reetz, another 18 Leonard resident, said of the $10 open bar happy hour: "If I were a young person I might be tempted to take full advantage of the cost/benefit ratio."Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd scene. The SLA will make up it's mind on the license in the next 2-3 months.
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