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Automated Parking: You Will Be Assimilated

With spiffy new luxury amenities in short supply—seriously, that La Cornue range is so 2004—automated parking is finally getting the props it deserves as the perk du jour at new developments around town. We've checked in on the parking system devised for 1 York in Tribeca, but why did no one tell us that Little Chitaly's own 123 Baxter is also a full flag-waving member of the revolution? Per the NYT, each apartment at the 'Bax is guaranteed a space—provided you're willing to fork over an extra $550/month for it. Oh, and not be a wuss:

"When people first started using A.T.M.'s, they were uncomfortable with them. The more they use this, the more they will come to appreciate it over the conventional way."· An Urban Parking Perk: The Automated Garage [NYTimes]
· Park Your Pretend Car at 1 York [Curbed]