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Conan the Acquirer

This week's Max Abelson-penned Manhattan Transfers column reminds us that for all the guy-next-door aw-shucks charm of Conan O'Brien, the dude gets very handsomely rewarded for his work. Conan and fam already have a combined-unit place in The Majestic on Central Park West, up on the 17th floor. Now they're adding a $10 million penthouse, which just so happens to be directly above their home. A simple movin' on up or a board-approval-needed super-combo? The broker wouldn't give up the goods. Anyhoo, in addition to having amazing Central Park views, the penthouse has two bedrooms and a library which can be turned into more sleepytime room, four bathrooms, three terraces and two staff rooms. The Art Deco building has private gardens, a playroom, a gym and the perfect roof deck to stalk Conan on.
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