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Parrots Grab Manhattan Real Estate

[103rd St. parrots photo courtesy of Palemaleirregulars]

Last week, we had hipsters moving back to Manhattan from Brooklyn. This week, we've got parrots checking out Manhattan real estate. The question is, are they East Coast parrots (Brooklyn) or West Coast parrots (New Jersey)? The Monk Parrot colony is on Amsterdam Avenue at 103rd Street. Urban Hawk writes:

The closest colony to Amsterdam Avenue, is in Edgewater, New Jersey. If a bird flew directly across the Hudson River it would arrive at around 138th and Riverside Drive going over the water for about a mile. (One of the unanswered question is do Monk Parakeets fly over large bodies of water?)The birds have previously been seen in Central Park, at the 79th St. Boat Basin and on Riverside Drive this summer. The nearest Brooklyn colony is, apparently, in much-in-the-news Red Hook. Maybe they're trying to escape the Brooklyn parrot poachers or all the demolition and construction noise.
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