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Gas Station Mania: Lower Sixth Ave. Goes Dry

It's been some months since we received a report of one of our oldest obsessions, the wanton shuttering of Manhattan gas stations. Then, lo, in the inbox this morning: "gas station on 6th avenue between spring and broome has been boarded up." Oh, the humanity. Say a prayer for the cabbies of West Soho—and if your're in the neighborhood, snag us some pictures.

BONUS GAS: A reader emails to inquire about a long-gone gas station lot in West Chelsea: "Do you know what is going on on 23rd street and 10th avenue? It used to be a gas station and now is just dirt, dirt and more dirt. Any update?" As previously Rumbled, the lot is set to become home of a towering new development from Leviev Boymelgreen called 10 Chelsea Street (above, full pan available on the LB site). We haven't heard any construction updates, though; we'll ask around the Half King next time we're in the neighborhood.
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