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Andre Balazs Selling His Beaver

It ain't much to look at right now, but the lot above shows the early stages of the William Beaver House, the luxury downtown condo for people who "sort of get it." Right after hearing from Mr. Balazs himself that the building is actually satire, the prices were released on an anxious public salivating for glass-bottomed jacuzzis. The welcome e-mail breaks it down, in addition to spotlighting the tongue-twisting "Lodge Lobby Lounge": Studios starting at $800,000, 1 Bedrooms starting at $890,000, 2 Bedrooms starting at $1,500,000 and 3 Bedrooms starting $2,400,000. If you head on over to the Times real estate page, you can see all the listings if you do a little keyword search for "beaver," which probably puts you on some FBI watch list somewhere. The listings are through Corcoran, but they don't seem to exist on the Corc's website at the moment.
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