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CurbedWire: Size Matters

Let's round out the week with another installment of CurbedWire, the end-of-day rumor, rant, and randomness roundup. Seen something you think might be Wire-worthy? Don't be shy.

1) Midtown West: A tipster points out one of the strangest rental ads we've yet seen, noting, "Since when did agents use the size of their penis to rent apts?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Greenpoint: Wrapping up a week of Greenpoint glory, a Curbed reader reports, "I was driving through today and noticed two things. First, there is a new building going up on Eagle very close to McGuiness. Second, I was driving on Green St. in Greenpoint and it looks like nearly the whole block between Franklin and Manhattan is coming down. A bunch of really nice small industrial buildings. There is a scaffold around the whole thing and you can see sky through the buildings as all of the roofs are gone." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Trump: A tipster sends along this little nugget from, where they're already Trumpeting the Donald's condo-tel: "This property is envisioned as the city's first 'condo-hotel' every unit will be sold individually to buyers who might live there year-round, from time to time or seasonally." Paging Andrew Berman. [CurbedWire Inbox]

4) Red Hook: So, the Revere Sugar Refinery lives to see another dawn. Texts a reader: "I was just out at the Red Hook sugar refinery to take some last pictures. It was really beautiful just before sunset - amazing light. There wasn't any activity yet that I could see." [CurbedWire Staff/Inbox]