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Is Boerum Hill Attitude a Match for Park Slope?

For all the fun everybody has dumping on Park Slope, the quirks of some Brooklyn neighborhoods go relatively unexamined. Except every now and then, like this bit 'o fun from the blog, Random Brooklyn:

Many of you out there are all to aware of Park Slope - mecca for smug parenting, lactation, bloggers, wanna-be writers, nannies, SUV strollers, shrinks and organic everything. But are you aware of the urban utopia known as Boerum Hill? Or "Boring Hill", as some of us prefer to call it. Like Park Slope, Boerum Hill possesses the same "I lived here when it was all crack and hookers" attitude, but they are fighting turn their enclave into nothing short of a suburban subdivision, complete with rules about where to park, how to bag your trash properly, and cute little windshield cards that residents MUST place on their dashboards on alternate side day. A handwritten note won't do. You need an official card or you're seriously fucked.

And, check out the discussion of the word "curb":I have never quite understood 'curbing' because the curb is lined with cars. I can not walk in the street so my dog will go on the curb because of the cars and if I walk along the sidewalk at the curb my dog would go on the cars which I don't image anyone would be happy with. I don't understand where 'at the curb' is.Way to go, Boerum Hill.
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