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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Rumblings & Bumblings: St. Vinnie's and the Tram (74 comments)
"Do the people St Vincent's serves in that building live in the surrounding neighborhood? It's an odd anachronism that Manhattan areas like 14th Street still have a lot of social services for people who don't live anywhere near there, and have to travel long distances."
2) Trump Soho Taking Reservations, Your Deposits (63 comments)
"once we lose soho to trump, there is no turning back. this city will never be the same. next will be the west village. its already happening in the east village. all of its character will be lost forever."
3) The Half-Life of a Trendy Neighborhood (43 comments)
"West New York! Flatlands! Ozone Park! Rego Park! Or the real winner.....Mahwah!"
4) Toss Another One on the Dead Stadium Pile (39 comments)
"This was just a publicity stunt anyway (like that NRA-theme restaurant years ago). I think NASCAR was trying to do something to publicize that it wasn't just for southerners anymore and putting an imaginary racetrack in the city limits was a good way to do that."