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Cool New Thing: O (Zillow) Pioneers!

Yesterday, much-hyped digital real estate service Zillow took the next inevitable step and introduced a free for-sale listings service. We checked in this morning and found paltry metro area uptake so far: a mere four for-sale listings dot the Manhattan map, including the Upper West Side apartment seen above. The listing agent of that apartment? TrueGotham blogger (and Elliman broker) Douglas Heddings, who enjoyed hands-on customer service from a Zillow rep in the comments section of his blog when he encountered problems. Let's see if they can keep up that level of customer care when the total number of Manhatting listings doubles to eight, eh?
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BONUS: Meantime, in Craigland, check this zesty headline: "Craigslist CEO Astounds Analysts, Fund Managers at Conference." [Craigblog]