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High Line Update: Existence of New Plans Confirmed!

BlogChelsea reports from last night's meeting to discuss the saving and restoration of the upper portion of the High Line, the part of the elevated railroad from 30th to 34th Street around the rail yards (above) that makes up 31% of the entire structure:

Keeping the High Line intact at its most crucial part would also create an opportunity for urban spaces at two or more levels. "There are 160 feet between the High Line and the tracks—perfectly buildable spaces. There is actual dirt there. You don’t need to build a platform over it."... He showed renditions prepared by Shop Architects where the intact High Line forms a green corridor along the west side with stunning river views and buildings set back from the street.Wait, how did SHoP get in on the High Line fun? (Trick question: they're involved in everything, everywhere.) Regardless, our love for High Line renderings is well documented, so if anyone has access to these new concepts, won't you please pass along to Meantime, click through to BlogChelsea full coverage of the event, including a very special plug for The Caledonia.
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