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Novo Park Slope? Let's Call It Boymelgreen Hall

Just when we were starting to like the sound of Novo Park Slope, the Leviev Boymelgreen development on Fourth Avenue, a tipster sends along the flyer calling it Park Slope Towers again. But the interesting things are the long-term net lease availability and the pitch: "Ideal for students, faculty, nurses and interns" and "dorm/faculty housing." And the neighborhood appeal includes the new boutique hotel across the street and the Staples. (What, no mention of the Pep Boys or the taxi depot?) All this time we were thinking luxe condos and calling it hospital-looking (although two commenters said it looked like an asylum), but we were wrong. It's a dorm. So, forget Novo Park Slope vs. Park Slope Towers and let's just call it Boymelgreen Hall. Love the way that rolls off the tongue. Boymelgreen Hall.
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