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Confirmed: $10 Per Rental on Craigslist

Craigslist's Craig Newmark confirms what he's been talking about for awhile now: come March 1, rental listings in NYC will cost $10 per. Says his announcement on the housing forum:

Update - 2/1/06 : After many months of evaluating feedback and deliberating, we've decided to institute a $10 fee for each listing posted to the broker apartment categories on the New York site (both "fee" and "no fee"), starting March 1, 2006. Additional policy details (about which there is still time for input and feedback) will be announced as we get closer to March. Please post your questions and comments here. We'll read and consider everything submitted, even if we're not able to respond to each posting individually. –CRIAG NEWMARK
Emails a correspondent from the brokerage community, "I'm sure I'll be one one those coughing up the duckets, at least on an initial trial basis. However, I must say the response from a fellow broker friend was that he was going to plaster lamposts before he gave Craig any money. Should be interesting." Our prediction: fewer repostings of total crap will improve the overall experience for users. Onward!
· $10 Fee for NYC Broker Apt. Ads [Craigslist Forums]
· Alternate $10 Fee Announcement Forum Link [Craigslist, if link above doesn't work for ya]