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Generic Big Building Probably Going Condo

What, is the entire world going condo? No, sillies! Just Manhattan, obvs. Pretty soon your only rental options are going to be a cardboard box under the Williamsburg Bridge ($2,300/month) or vacant lots buried deep within Donald Trump's combover (priceless). The latest rental conversion? We'll let our tipster tip you:

According to a note slipped under tenant's doors today at Parc East Tower, the residential monolith a.k.a. 240 East 27th St, the buliding is being sold and will likely be converted into condos. The note, which aims to stir up a tenant's action commitee, quotes a source at the management company as saying that they would not be renewing any leases.Parc East Tower gained some notoriety in 2000 when the city sued the building's management for blocking off access to its privately owned public space. How is this info relevant to you? Oh, you'll see. You'll see... [Written-upon photo courtesy of Property Shark]