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Selling on the Slope: That 'Glorious, Triumphant' Feeling

Blogger Callalillie sells her Brooklyn apartment and lives to tell the tale! Well, a few anecdotes at least:

·Real estate is still over the top in Park Slope, I guess, as evidenced by the price tags on any given apartment, including my own former 500 sq. ft. one bedroom which, even at its reduced price when it finally sold, I could not afford to re-purchase after two years of living there.
·If there is any chance that the building next door to your hundred-year-old brownstone will be gut renovated or perhaps have its interior brickwork repointed, do not plan to try to sell your apartment any time soon. Large interior cracks are not very appealing to potential buyers. Neither are the jackhammers.
·Never trust a potential buyer whose lawyer has an answering message that urges you to have a glorious, triumphant and blessed day.
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· Now I Can Vent. Sort of. [Callalillie]