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SoBro Market: Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams?

The South Bronx, the neighborhood you love to hate and hate to love, may be getting its very own Chelsea Market. This week's Observer has the story of Market mastermind Irwin Cohen and his plan to bring a similar food-centric establishment to a two-story building near the Related Companies' planned shopping mall. That mall will take the place of the current Bronx Terminal Market, whose remaining tenants are the ones Cohen is wooing to his project. Is SoBro risky? Not really, reports Matthew Schuerman:

Just this month, Barbara Corcoran declared it one of the five up-and-coming real-estate markets of the country. The tenants and a customer base are already there. Mr. Cohen said that he would attempt to round out the selection with food preparers as well as create an esplanade fronting the Harlem River where customers can eat. He also thinks that Bronx merchants could make money by selling to cruise ships.The price of coffee just shot up 40 bucks.
· The Chelsea Marketeer Sets His Sights on SoBro [Observer]