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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: One Word for This Market? (95 comments)
"Polarized," "Fucked," "shvotastic," "sudsy," "Meshuga," "Normalizing," "Enron," "craptacular," "Cromulent"...
2) Prices Bounce Back at 85 Adams (34 comments)
"Damn! First I miss the Barney's warehouse sale... now this. Back to retail for 85 Adams condo's..."
3) Have You Heard? Brooklyn Is Kinda Expensive (30 comments)
"Dumbo here we go. What's that noise, could that be the prices in Dumbo ratcheting like a hockey stick upwards again? Short answer: Yes. All you people considering our 'hood should pull the trigger before Two Trees and Boymelgreen and the select others catch the wave from this new study and increase price points."
4) Curbed Three-Pack: Battery Dreams for ~$1 Million (23 comments)
"Harlem is the Bronx of Manhattan. FiDi is the Brooklyn of Manhattan because people overpay to "live" there, agonize 24/7 about whether they made the right choice, and go on and on and on about how much there is to do there and, like, there's a grocery store open until 10pm!!!"