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Parks & Projects Update: Greenspace and Cricket Patches

[Photo of Allen Street Mall courtesy Satan's Laundromat]

From this week's almost-overlooked urban planning files:

1) Word that the city is investing in six downtown parks (see map) appears most significant for residents of the Lower East Side and Chinatown. That's because the rehabilitation of the Allen and Pike Street malls—with new plantings, benches and trees—is part of the plan. The rehab could create the long-imagined 'Park Avenue of the Plain People'—and juice real estate prices. [NYTimes]
2) The other great park project of our time—Brooklyn Bridge Park—got final go-ahead this week. Breaking news: recreational opportunities will include a cricket patch. [NYPost, Brownstoner]
3) In Ratnerland, old friend Dan Goldstein drops us a line to note the news that the Nets are now saying they may not move to Brooklyn until 2010. Sez Goldstein, "What does it mean? It means one thing for sure, things are not going according to Forest City Ratner's plans." [The Star-Ledger]
4) One late-breaking bit of park news: Matthew Grace reports that the redesign of the northern end of Union Square got the green-light from Community Board 5 last night. The deets: a much larger playground, more trees in greenmarket land, and a pavilion overhaul. Oh, and don't forget those bathrooms! [The Real Estate]