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On the Inevitable Branding of Microneighborhoods

God almighty, friends, how did we not think of this? In what we promise* will be the last post ever about the name for the microneighborhood perhaps best known as Hudson Square, a special Curbed correspondent sends along word of a genius branding campaign:

I'm sure you know that Trinity Church which is the major landlord in the area has been spending a ton of dough to brand the area Hudson Square. However, Sheraton recently brought a parcel to build a hotel on and they are calling it Sheraton Soho Village. I don’t love it but I like it a helluva lot better than Hudson Square. And you could shorten SoHo Village to SoVo (I know it's not exact but I really like it and it sounds better than SoVi – besides there really aren’t any better alternatives anyway).Now that the thought is out there, is the corporate branding of neighborhoods not the next inevitable step for our burg? Let us discuss this over beers on the American Apparel Lower East Side this evening. Someone invite Bloomberg.
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*note: lie