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Zillow Update: Bargain Hunting Time!

It was inevitable. Two days after the launch of everyone's favorite Zestimator, Curbed readers have gone on a bargain-hunting crusade on the property-pricing website. Three reports from fantasy land:

1) "3BR/2BTH Single Family Home at the Helmsley Building, 230 Park Ave., for only $386,745 (above).1,965 SQ on an over-80,000 SQ lot." [via this comment]
2) "They're showing places in my neighborhood for ridiculously low prices, actually. Across the street: a 3BR, 1,600 sqft for $295k. Yeah, maybe in Mexico. Not in Battery Park City."
3) "Check out this deal on just east of Bedford St. on "Grove St." Quite a bargain for $508K, right? Here's the link, but find it on the map for hilarious context."

To its credit, Zillow is being transparent about its user feedback. Hey, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single Zestimate.
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