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The War on Graffiti: Sell Out or Pay Up?

The Villager highlights a new city law threatening landlords with fines if they don't remove graffiti from their buildings after getting a warning. The city will do it for them?as long as they make the right call and sign a waiver, acknowledging something like: We won't care if you ruin the place in the process. Chad Smith takes the opportunity to gauge the ebb and flow of the tagging zeitgeist:

Although graffiti’s heyday is considered to have been during the 1980s and early ’90s, a quick walk through the Lower East Side undermines this assumption: tags are ubiquitous; some completely cover apartment buildings’ front doors and storefronts.
But it appears the likes of North Fork Bank and Ian Schrager can rest easy come spring, when the law goes into effect: If you commissioned the work, you're off the hook. Do we smell a business opportunity, or are those just the aerosol fumes?
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