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The $25,000 Harlem Condo

Harlem's under-construction Lenox Grand will do more than just offer up 19 luxury condos to those looking to blow some cash way up above 96th Street. Nay, it will also offer up eight sparkling new parking spots for sale as well. We've seen this before, with the Park Slope Garage Condominium and other places throughout the city, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining whenever we stumble upon it. Unfortunately, the parking space floorplans are unavailable, but the stats are interesting: 200-square-foot spaces (big, no?) for $25,000 and $111 in common charges. We're not sure what upkeep the spots need that warrants the monthly charge, but at prices $30,000 below the Park Slope garage, we're rating this a solid buy.
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