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'Squatting on Tundra' in the MoMA Atrium

Bad enough you gotta cough up $20 a visit. Tyler Green, who blogs at Modern Art Notes (aka MAN), doesn't even feel like he gets his money's worth from the Museum of Modern Art's newish atrium. Yeah, yeah, it's been open for a while now, but sometimes it takes a while for the bile to bubble to the surface:

MoMA's atrium is the most unfortunate, wasted bit of museum space since I.M. Pei brought triangulation into museum architecture. The MoMA atrium turns paintings into specks of color ... squatting on tundra. It turns Barnett Newman's Broken Obelisk into a mere meeting place, lowering it to the level of the Stan Musial statue outside St. Louis' Busch Stadium.Green wants some suggestions for the museum's umpteenth renovation (not actually planned ... yet). Why not leave 'em here?
· Solving MoMA's Atrium [MAN via City Comforts]

[Photo via Flickr/hbomb1947]