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Shvo Agent: Appraise This

Soon, everyone will have a Shvtory. (When you're a star of late-night television, people are going to take their shots.) Today's entry comes from go-to appraiser and Curbed market analyst Jonathan Miller:

[M]y appraisal firm was assigned to appraise a unit in one of the projects he is currently marketing. The sales representative was unbelievably rude and abrasive…over-the-top. The Shvo agent was not busy yet seemed to thrive on this type of behavior and would not show my appraiser the unit even though we had made an appointment well in advance. During this interaction, a potential buyer came in who was trying to get information and the sales staff would not help him. The potential buyer eventually gave up. My appraiser finally had to find a construction foreman who provided access to the unit.
What's your Shvtory?
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