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D'Agostino a Casualty of Union Square Grocery Wars?

Some more collateral damage in the Union Square grocery wars. As Whole Foods prepares to defend its turf against Trader Joe's, Curbed gets word that the D'Agostino at 64 University Place will not renew its lease. Reports a tipster:

D'Agostino supermarket does not want to renew their lease, expiring Aug. 31, 2005. Ad in Sunday's Times offering space (6000 sf (+6000 sf basement)) for $135 per foot, $67,500 a month. For rent sign going up soon.Healthy Pleasures across the street from the Dag disappeared last year, and rumors are that when the boards come down it will be a Duane Reade Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Spice. Who will be the next innocent victim of this battle? Stay tuned...
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· Love That D'Ag D'Ag Whole Foods Man [Curbed] UPDATE: The managing agent for the Dag property (64 University Place) chimes with some additional info about the space above the grocery: "None of the rumors I have seen have any truth (high-rise, air-rights, etc.) Funny though! We have no plans to build-up nor sell/acquire any air rights to/from any adjoining property... We have an existing lease on the upstairs floors (non-ground floor) that extends for several more years in any case w/ the audio school, so that alone would make it undoable."