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Introducing New Tipster Week at Curbed

Last week, several Harlem-based readers served us in the comments thread to a post about their neighborhood. (Sample comment: "is this the best curbed can do to give Harlem some profile this week?... i am serious...there's a lot of development / changing landscape happening in harlem....and this is the crumb curbed tosses us?") Happily, the commenter segued into a tip which led to Friday's item about the $25,000 Harlem condo.

All of which reminds us to remind you how dependent we are on reader tips. So much of the good stuff that ends up in this space comes directly from readers like you. So, this week, a challenge: if you've never sent us a tip before, drop an email to and let us know something about what's going on in your neighborhood. No observation is too small or too ridiculous; anonymity assured. Readers are also welcome to add comments to this post pointing out stories we should be covering (or stories we shouldn't). We'll run with the good stuff. You'll feel warm and fuzzy inside. Promise.