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85 Adams Continues to Make Our Brains Explode

First, there were some reported sales problems at Boymelgreen's 85 Adams/Beacon Tower in Brooklyn. Then the prices went down. Way down. Then, suddenly, they went up. Way up. Then we got confused. Then we got this email:

I called the sales office for 85 Adams, and they told me that they did not increase the prices again. That they apparently had to post the higher prices because that was the most recent amendment. Don't know if it's true, but they were pretty set on the fact that the one bedrooms are the same price as offered a week ago at 30% discount.Then we checked the Corcoran website again, and it looked like the prices on the one bedrooms were indeed down, but the prices on the bigger apartments were still up. Then we grabbed a teddy bear, climbed into bed, shed a few tears and wished upon a star that this mean and awful building would just go away.
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