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Hey Harlem, Boil My Bagel

Last week's post about the Make My Cake opening on 110th Street continues to yield benefits. (That's the post that inspired the first annual Curbed New Tipster Week. Daily reminder: if you've never sent an email to, step right up and tell us what's going on in your neighborhood. No absurdity too absurd!) This time, comments in the post reveal the most genius blog niche we've yet come across. Name of the blog says it all: Bagel In Harlem. From the blog's subheading:

A Jewish girl from Indiana navigates the maze of New York City real estate and finds herself residing in East Harlem. Her stories reflect upon the notion of ‘home’ and the quest behind finding the right one. This site is dedicated to the search for a Bagel in Harlem.Disappointingly, not all posts engage in this epic quest directly, but when it happens, oh baby: "Today, however, I made some headway. I stopped into the BOMA Coffee & Tea Company, an upscale establishment on the corner of 126th Street and Fifth Avenue. The café director, Milo Meed, informed me that he was looking into bagel recipes. It seems he and his staff is considering making bagels from scratch and selling them in his café. I was stunned." As, of course, are we.
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