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Rumblings & Bumblings: Are Sundari's 15 Minutes Up?

[Hey gang! This edition of R&B goes out to all the lovers. Please find below actual questions ISO that special someone to provide mind-blowing answers. Do get in touch -- in the comments below or at xoxo.]

1) Murray Hill: "We hear a rumor that the planned Andy Warhol condo project at Madison and 32nd [the Sundari Lofts & Tower, rendered right] ran out of money and is kaput. they recently finished the demolition, and it is now an empty lot. any truth to that?"
2) East Village: "Any word on what is being built on E. 4th St between Cooper Square and Lafayette St? It appears that one owner owns all the lots from the Old Merchants Museum on 4th St all the way east to the corner of Cooper Square/Bowery."
3) Manhattan Valley: "Does anyone know what's happening at Amsterdam and 100th? The one story building currently there is slowly emptying out. At the last remaining business, a Tae Kwan Do school, I asked the manager what was happening and he said it was being torn down this summer for a new development. Rumor has it that Extell is putting up something, but what? Ariel Far East?"
4) Chelsea: "There seem to be no recent postings on what is to happen with the vacant lot on 6th ave between 24th and 25th. All tenants in the small building located on the corner of 25th & 6 Ave have vacated and scaffolding went up about a month or so ago. Looks as if building will be torn down. Anyone have the scoop?"
5) Upper East Side: "hello there! we were walking up second avenue today and noticed a bunch of dilapidated buildings that looked like they'd be coming down right around 79th st and 2nd. one of them was on the south east corner, and the other one was betwen 2nd and 1st at 80th we think, right next to the north fork bank. are there going to be new developments there? it looks like it ..."
6) Carnegie Hill: "Any word on what the retail is going to be at the new development on the corner of 96th & Madison?" BONUS: "The bodega on the northwest corner of 97th & Park closed. An upscale new tenant could do wonders to clean up the corner . . ."