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Ask Curbed: Helping Out the Times on Windsor Terrace

Lest Windsor Terrace feel left out, the Times sends a reporter out into the slush to find warm and fuzzy vingettes of the place, described thusly: "Like much of Brooklyn, the neighborhood has experienced a rapid influx of affluent new residents from Manhattan and beyond, but it retains a large population of municipal workers — police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers — and a long tradition of self-sufficiency."

Problem is, the headline and picture make it out to be a story all about people helping people during the quasi-blizzard, and while we don't doubt that the nabe is full of caring and giving, the reporter seems hard pressed to find much of it. Guess sometimes you just come up empty. So we come to you instead, fair readers, and ask: What do you love or hate about Windsor Terrace? (Altruism accepted, but not necessary.)
· Residents Help Themselves and One Another [NYT]