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Haute Living Busting Down Doors at The 200

We try to resist the urge to mention them, but Miami-based real estate mag Haute Living keeps wearing us down with their tireless barrage of thrice-daily typo-laden releases, leaving no choice but to pass along the good buzz to you every third Tuesday. Last night's afterhours missive, conveniently pre-dated Feb. 18 ... like a magazine, perhaps: "Haute Living Magazine Begins Aggressive Residence Distribution in Manhattan." Didn't they hear about the Sun backlash? Then again, I don't think anybody down in Windsor Terrace will be bothered this time.

The magazine will be focusing elite hit squads on infiltrating only "200 of the Most Exclusive Buildings," according to "Publisher Kamal Hotchandani"?not to be confused with "Publisher Seth Semilof." (Does everyone get to choose their title at Haute?) So yeah, the thing to do now?to play into these people's "aggressive" tendencies?would be to pine for a peek at the list of The 200, and then maybe snicker at the buildings on the bubble (Nos. 201, 202, 203...) that didn't make the cut. But we'd never do something like that.
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