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Let the 40 Bond Design Debate Begin

The Bond Age continues today on Curbed (see what we did there?), as development blog Triple Mint offers up a critique of Ian Schrager's Coke Bottle based on the renderings that have been released to the public. The Mint touches on the fact that these hyper-luxury apartments are not being built with families in mind, something politely debated in the comments thread on our 40 Bond floorplan post yesterday. TM opines:

Obviously, from a real esate point of view, this is unique product for a small group of buyers who seek out this kind of thing. It's the Art Basel set who need wall space for their Damien Hirst medicine cabinets. One day they are bidding on a Twombly canvas, the next day they decide to look at an apartment. This level of concept and cost wouldn't work over 200 units pitched 30 stories. But that's not the point. Sounds like a fair assessment. Unfortunately, Triple Mint backs out of offering two cents on the development's most controversial design aspect?the graffiti-inspired aluminum gate at street level that's sure to be vandalized within ten minutes of installation?instead saying, "We'll leave that to the curators at MoMA." Boo.
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